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FlowStone Partners provides qualified high net worth and institutional investors with highly diversified exposure to the private equity asset class through secondary, primary, and co-investments. The FlowStone investment team has over 70 years of combined private equity secondary and primary investment experience. As opposed to institutionally oriented closed-end funds, our investment strategies are executed through investment vehicles that strive to meet the unique requirements of high-net-worth investors, family offices and smaller institutional institutions. The FlowStone team has the ability to design and manage co-mingled fund products and, using this same private-equity expertise, the potential to build customized vehicles with bespoke strategies to accommodate the needs of a variety of investor types.


Potential Benefits of a Private Equity Secondaries Focused Strategy

  • Ability to construct a highly-diversified portfolio across vintage years, sponsors, sectors, strategies and geographies
  • Mitigation or elimination of the J-Curve
  • Enhanced asset visibility at the time of purchase mitigates blind pool risk linked to unfunded capital

*Please review Fund Prospectus for terms and definitions

  • Diversified secondary portfolios are often characterized by shorter remaining holding periods and a more consistent cash flow profile across a variety of market environments
  • Potential opportunity to purchase assets at a discount to Net Asset Value or Intrinsic Value

FlowStone Opportunity Fund

Structural Characteristics

  • 1940 & 1933 Act registered investment vehicle
  • Low investment minimums — $100,000
  • No Capital Calls / Fully Funded Investment
  • Quarterly subscriptions
  • Limited redemption feature
  • 1099 issuing entity
  • Evergreen fund structure provides automatic reinvestment, with an option for annual income distributions

Investment Attributes

  • Immediate and continuous exposure to private equity
  • Ability to recycle capital for re-investment
  • Flexibility to focus on all deal types regardless of size or duration
  • Secondary focused strategy will be complemented by commitments to primary funds and co-investments to enhance returns and promote access to the highest quality managers

News & Updates

FlowStone Opportunity Fund Returns +1.41% in Q4 and +5.21% in 2022

Published by FlowStone Partners on March 8, 2023

FlowStone Partners announced today that FlowStone Opportunity Fund increased in Net Asset Value (“NAV”) by 1.41% in the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2022 and 5.21% in 2022, while the Russell…

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FlowStone Passes $100m and Looks Toward the Next Level

Published by Buyouts on June 28, 2021

Scott Conners’ goal in helping found FlowStone Partners was simple: “democratize” private equity by providing a path for high-net-worth investors to access private equity investments…

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FlowStone Partners Hires Mark Phillip as Managing Director, Head of Business Development

Published by Business Wire on October 27, 2020

FlowStone Partners announced today that it has hired Mark Phillip as Managing Director. Phillip will lead business development and investor relations efforts for the firm. Phillip brings nearly two decades of...

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Publications & Media

From the Slopes to Secondaries ft. Scott Conners

Published by FlowStone Partners on May 15, 2022

When Scott Conners joined Landmark Partners in the 1990s, he says the value of the private equity secondaries market was an estimated $500 million. In 2021, the market value of secondaries reached $135 billion*. Now Managing Director and President of FlowStone Partners, Scott shares his views on the secondaries market over the last 30 years.

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