FlowStone Opportunity Fund Reaches $100 million in AUM After Only Six Quarters

FlowStone Partners provides high-net-worth and institutional investors access to private equity opportunities through secondary, primary, and co-investment strategies.

CHICAGO, March 16, 2021FlowStone Partners announced today that it has exceeded $100 million of assets under management (AUM) in the FlowStone Opportunity Fund. The 1940 & 1933 Act registered investment vehicle was launched in August 2019 to provide qualified high-net-worth and smaller institutional investors diversified exposure to private equity through an actively managed secondary-focused strategy. For funds with this strategy and structure, the FlowStone Opportunity Fund is among the quickest to crest the $100 million threshold.

FlowStone’s investment team has more than 65 years of combined private equity secondary and primary investment experience. The Fund is continuously offered, allowing investors to decide when to allocate, which provides a key difference from traditional private equity funds that close following fundraising goals. Other differentiators include lower investment minimums, limited liquidity available through the tender offer process, and Form 1099 investor tax reporting with early Q1 availability.

“We are encouraged by the confidence investors have shown in our team and the value that they see in FlowStone’s unique combination of investment strategy and fund structure. We’re hopeful that we’ll continue on our current growth trajectory,” said Scott Conners, Managing Director and President of FlowStone Partners. “Our growth after just six quarters allows FlowStone Opportunity Fund to compete for sources of capital not previously available to us. Our team remains focused on generating strong risk-adjusted returns and providing informative investor relations. Our senior leadership team has extensive experience successfully managing similar strategies, and we are now positioned to bring our institutional experience to the full breadth of underserved investors who have not previously had access to secondary-focused private equity.”

As of December 31, 2020, the FlowStone Opportunity Fund has returned 23.2%, annualized, since its August 31, 2019, inception. The Fund returned 25.7% in the One Year Ended December 31, 2020, and 18.3% in the Quarter Ended December 31, 2020. According to recent SEC filings, the Fund is approximately 83% committed/invested with exposure to 29 private equity managers and 187 companies across various industries.

About FlowStone Partners

FlowStone Partners provides qualified high-net-worth and institutional investors with highly diversified exposure to the Private Equity asset class through secondary, primary, and co-investment strategies. The FlowStone senior investment team has over 65 years of combined private equity secondary and primary investment experience. As opposed to traditional closed-end fund-of-funds vehicles, our investment strategies are executed through investment vehicles that strive to meet the unique requirements of high-net-worth investors, family offices and smaller institutional institutions. The FlowStone team has the ability to design and manage co-mingled fund products and, using this same private equity expertise, the potential to build customized vehicles with bespoke strategies to accommodate the needs of a variety of investor types.

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